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 (nobody needs to know), 19-22 | secret love | pretty open face
 Posted: Jun 7 2016, 12:55 PM
the best people in life are free
nickname: dixie
occupation: dance teacher
age: twenty-two
sexuality: heterosexual
relationship status: single
significant other: ---

maxine + she/hers

secret lover
19-22 • female • open face

So I love my bb Denver too much to not have this plot up. I think it's fun and exciting and not always something you see very often on RL rp sites! So here's the dirt:

History: This girl, we'll call her Pippa since I used Philippa Soo as the picture, and Denver are lovers. Denver's not too good at the concept of settling down, and I don't imagine she is either, just because both of them are so busy and focused and growing themselves, but when they meet and there are instant sparks, they can't resist. They instantly start a relationship but there's a catch. It has to be a secret.

There are a few reasons this could be and here's what I'm thinking would fit the best here: one (or both) of her parents are well to-do politicians and can't show a connection to a Dixon (divorced parents, one of them an actress and the other just wealthy and drunk usually). Or Pippa herself is a politician or well-off diplomatic something or other that can't be connected to a Dixon. While Denver is wealthy, he lives very humbly and is just a dance teacher and ambitious filmmaker. So now: They're in a committed relationship but it has to be top secret. It's kind of like an adventure going on dates, since they have to be completely unseen by paps and by family and friends. Family and friends can't even know about them- (well, they're bound to tell one or two people, but they have to trust them like nothing else) so it stays a complete secret.

Technicalities: I picked the face as Philippa Soo just because she's adorable, and I'm Hamilton trash. But you can really pick anybody you want, just so long as they have the image of a clean-cut, well to-do/politician/'s daughter. She has to be brave, focused, determined, and also be a romantic because who else would endure this kind of thing for a relationship with some dance teacher who just wants to explore the world? He attends NYU, also, in case that sways you in any way. She has to be between 19-22, but otherwise, ambition, career, that's all up to you. Family history is also pretty much up to you. I'm excited for this and look forward to plotting with you

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