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hello and welcome to six letter word ! we are a real life, no word count, shipper app site based in new york with a focus on the five boroughs, nyc colleges, and a prestigious private school located on the upper east side. please take a look around and come chat in the c-box with us.
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 (this must be my dream), maxine's scatterbrain
 Posted: May 17 2016, 10:58 AM
the best people in life are free
nickname: dixie
occupation: dance teacher
age: twenty-two
sexuality: heterosexual
relationship status: single
significant other: ---

maxine + she/hers

Denver's development junk will go here later


note here!
i'm a nightmare
there are no winners when the die is cast.

note here!
i'm a hurricane
don't give up, it's just your lover's romance.

name here
AGE • SEX • PLAYBY/trait

your text here

name & name
words heeree!
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