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hello and welcome to six letter word ! we are a real life, no word count, shipper app site based in new york with a focus on the five boroughs, nyc colleges, and a prestigious private school located on the upper east side. please take a look around and come chat in the c-box with us.
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 Chef Boy & the piglet !, Al/bri!
 Posted: May 31 2016, 10:00 AM
Space is just a word made up for people who are afraid to get close.
nickname: Eli
occupation: Mediator
age: Eighteen
sexuality: Bisexual
relationship status: Single
significant other: --

Lexi + She:her

a little party never killed nobody

Eli wiped his hands on the apron he had around him. It didn't matter if he was scooping ice cream from a bowl, he always wore his apron. He had always wanted an apron of his own and he finally had one. The boy made sure to wear it as often as possible. Eli pulled his lasagna from the stove. Knowing his mom wouldn't miss it, he stole the recipes that his father had, which were packed away. He followed everything to a T except he used ground turkey instead of beef. He also made bread and a salad to go with everything. He had to go all out of course. A salad was necessary.

"al you need to come eat because I slaved over a stove and I'll be super sad if you don't taste my masterpiece." he could just picture the eye roll he probably got from his younger brother. Eli could admit he was a bit ridiculous, maybe a tiny bit over the top at times. Everyone knew he was like that though. Plus when he added his dimples and his "pretty please" face, it made for a deadly combination that normally helped him get his way. He pulled two plates from the cabinet, followed by two bowls. He sat Al's to the side and went ahead and started making his plate. He wouldn't eat until al sat down but he could go ahead and be ready.

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