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 denver m. dixon, 22 | a. tveit | maxine
 Posted: May 14 2016, 07:47 PM
the best people in life are free
nickname: dixie
occupation: dance teacher
age: twenty-two
sexuality: heterosexual
relationship status: single
significant other: ---

maxine + she/hers

Denver M. Dixon

first middle last : Denver Mackenzie Dixon
nickname(s) : Mack or Dixie, but if you call him Den or Denny he won't speak to you
age : twenty-two
grade & clique/profession : college (junior) / dance instructor
admission : n/a: alumni
major/minor : major: film & television production, minor: theatre arts
orientation : heterosexual
family : divorced parents, older brother and sister & younger sister
other important people : best friend Jono since 6th grade
hometown : Manhattan
member group : orange crush
face claim : Aaron Tveit
anything else? : he could basically be a male Leslie Knoppe, I guess.
baby i can change your mind
Tension (ˈtenSHən): 2. a mental or emotional strain; a relationship between ideas or qualities with conflicting demands or implications.

family: Denver Mackenzie Dixon was born to Judie Marshall-Dixon and Scott Dixon on May 4th, 1994. He was the third born of four children; and also the most energetic of the three. His older brother and sister were born to be academic, both of them now pursuing doctorates, and his younger sister still in high school. The Dixons were (and still are) a very wealthy family thanks to Mr. Dixon's dead uncle and Mrs.' moderately successful acting career. The children have always been close as has Denver been with his mother. His father was a very hard-hearted man who might have loved his children, but he never said it. After his parents' divorce at age 5, Denver and his mother became very close and she introduced him to the world of acting and television; a world he would love with every fiber of his being.

Dream (drēm): 3. a cherished aspiration, ambition, or idea.

ambitions: Denver was always widely loved everywhere he went. He's full of optimism and drive. He wants to accomplish things in the world, and his goal is to direct television and films for the rest of his life and be able to make a decent living from it- not that he needs any help, considering the inheritance that he has in line. He doesn't want to talk about his money, but he's not afraid to use it if it will help him get ahead on a project, spoil a friend, or surprise a special girl. Basically, yeah, he's got good money, but doesn't want you to know.

Romantic (rōˈman/t/ik): 1. conducive to or characterized by the expression of love.

personality: Denver is a romantic in all senses of the word. Not only is he a suave little bastard with the ladies, he's enchanted by the notion of changing the world. He's determined and accomplished already in his short career, he pursues anything he wants with passion and hard work (and of course good humor). Not only is it possibly his greatest trait; it's also possibly his greatest downfall. He sometimes loses a sense of reality, or he can unintentionally hurt people in attempt to chase his dream, whatever it may be. Hurting those he loves is what breaks him the most, but he's prone to not realizing when he's doing it.

Odds are, you're friends with Denver. He's a sweetheart, funny, optimistic, and hardworking. He's good with people and has a little bit of a salesman in him about everything. He's charming. He's a dance instructor on the side since he's excellent at dancing, something he learned from his mother, and he enjoys working out, writing scripts, making film, and competitive anything.
If you're an ex of Denver's, you probably hate his guts. If you broke up with him, it was because he probably wasn't prioritizing you, and if he broke up with you, it's probably because he needed to prioritize something else. No one likes being demoted. Denver knows that. But he does it without always realizing he does it. Also, if you've worked with him and find him to be obnoxious because of his undying optimism or determination, that could pose an issue.
If you're a female in Manhattan, odds are Denver has flirted with you a bit at some point. He's a little too charming for his own good, and he does genuinely enjoy others' company. He is not FWB type, and he hates one-night stands because he'd want her to stay and talk about her life plans with him. He's good at the devoted boyfriend thing- really good. But he's pretty bad at the committed relationship thing, just because he focuses too much on work.
Coworkers of Denver's know that when he sets his mind to something, it gets done. Family members (his siblings) love him and he loves them, he'd walk through fire for any of them, but especially his sisters. Both of them made sure he was always on his best behavior, and his brother always kept him on his toes. His mother and him are very close. His father and he don't have a terrible relationship; it's just a bit strained.
20smthg | pst | pm is best
well hello! i am maxine, this is my first character here (: i love comedy (usually jon stewart or stephen colbert), theatre, disney (mostly mulan), and writing. that's about it, not gonna lie
 Posted: May 18 2016, 03:42 PM
Over and over Many setting suns I have run I have waited for the rain to come When through that mist I see the shape of you
nickname: b
occupation: lost girl
sexuality: heterosexual
relationship status: single
significant other: --

BRI + she/hers


So first and foremost bare with me, I have a lot of young ones lol. So I think of anyone Denver would probably know Kamen from school best. They are very similar in being ambitious young men, who also have a higher level of maturity without losing their sense of having fun. Though Kamen would have been younger, he's always kind of fit in better with those that were older than him and I think that maybe that could be a good basis as to where they could have originally met. Kamen isn't really super big on throwing his money around either. Sooo friends who like to just have a good time and charm girls and look on the Brightside of life? That is unless Denver starts dating or flirting with Katherine in front of Kamen, but then that could be a whole different kind of fun in itself!


Okay so Trinity is only 16, going on 17 but she is a dancer and so I was thinking that maybe Denver had been her dance instructor back when she fell into the age range that he teaches. I also had this idea that she developed this ridiculous high schooler crush on him and just wanted nothing more than to impress him so she always worked extra hard to do well and she was just heartbroken when she had to move on. Despite her being very talented, Trinity is a perfectionist and I can see her still wanting to impress him and maybe asking him for individual help when she thinks her dances aren't right. Basically Trinity would find any excuse she could for just a little extra time with Denver because she's just childishly crushing on him.

 Posted: May 26 2016, 11:32 PM
Let's give them something to talk about
nickname: Nevvie
occupation: Model
age: Twenty
sexuality: Bisexual
relationship status: Single
significant other: --

lexi + She/her

Nevaeh & Denver

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  So I love both of those ideas. I definitely think it would do nev a lot of good. We should start a thread up for them, maybe a comm. thread just to kind of get them going. Yeh? No?

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